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Our ethics

What we stand for and what we do to live up to it.

A small company

We are a small company and that necessarily constrains our means of action. So we act at our level by devoting 5% of our revenue to the realisation of some honorable endeavors.

And concrete actions


First, we are trying to reduce the impact of the site, by minimizing the amount of data transferred over the wire. To achieve that, we reduce the size of the site and aggressively cache everything. This way, you only download the new versions, instead of the whole site every time you access it.

But because no matter how hard we try there will always be some left over, we offset the rest of our emissions by funding projects that aim to reduce global CO2 emissions through Gold Standard.

You can find all our contributions in the official Gold Standard Impact Registry.

Open source

This site has been developed using other software whose source code is made freely available to all by their designers/developers. Despite their ubiquity, such programs often find themselves in need of funding because many companies use them without compensation.

To ensure the ong term sustainability of this software programs we finance them through open collective.